The European Union plans to monitor the drone flight in 2019

The European Union plans to monitor the drone flight in 2019

The European Union hopes to create a system of registration of drones and monitor their flights to Europe by 2019. On the proposed law of the European Commission informs Agency France-Press.

The EU leadership is considering drones as a possible source of benefits for entrepreneurs, however, it is necessary to make flights safer, with all its limitations.

“Drones bring innovation, new services for citizens, new business models and huge growth potential, said evrokomissar for transport Violeta Bulk. — To succeed in this, the EU should become a world leader in creating the right institutional foundations of this market, which will benefit key sectors of the economy”.

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The project envisages the creation of a system of registration and control, similar to what exists for manned aircraft. Her goal is to make flying drones safer, helping them to avoid obstacles or collisions with each other. To complete the discussion of the main provisions of the draft plan by the end of this year. According to the European Commission in the next few years the volume of drones that can be used to deliver goods, data collection, agriculture and the work of oversight bodies will reach 127 billion euros.

The current restrictions apply only to drones weighing more than 150 pounds. The need to strengthen control over drones was dictated by the increasing incidences of clashes. So, for the period from January 2013 to August 2015, the international air transport Association has registered 856 such cases.