Secretary-elected Public chamber Valery Fadeev

Secretary-elected Public chamber Valery Fadeev

Host of “Sunday time” on channel Valery Fadeev elected Secretary of the Public chamber of Russia at the first plenary session of the house of the sixth part, which will run until 2020.

Journalist and social activist Valery Fadeev was elected Secretary OP by voting at the first plenary session of the house, which takes place on Monday in Moscow.

After the election Fadeev has declared that considers as a priority to reduce the distance between officials and civil society activists on the ground, noting that representatives of public organizations do not always take a constructive position in interaction with the authorities.

“Bureaucracy in the first place on the ground is not always sympathetic to civil society, NGOs and their activists, where some work is done efficiently, and somewhere — no, and the bureaucracy are often afraid of the activists, and to teach the bureaucrats, officials and local authorities, to convince them that working with civil society is useful is the first priority,” Fadeyev was quoted by “Interfax”.

He stressed that the process of communication between officials and activists should be reciprocal.

“On the other hand, civil society is not always constructive attitude of the bureaucracy, often there is almost disgust — “not going to work with the state,” “we don’t like to work with the government.” This is wrong. Need consolidation for the decision of problems” — said Fadeev. “Communication between civil society and authorities is not enough, and this distance should be reduced”, — said the Secretary of the public chamber.

Fadeev also called for the strengthening of the independence of public chambers in the regions.

“Some of the public chamber in the regions are functioning very effectively. But for the most part, unfortunately, is under pressure from the authorities, under pressure from the Governor,” he was quoted by TASS.

According to Fadeeva, in the regional chamber choose people “who have no opportunity to loudly and clearly Express their opinion.” “Here, we need to work on strengthening of civic chambers of regions”, — he stressed, urging “to increase the distance between the power and public chambers, distance of independence”.

First Deputy Secretary of the Public chamber Vyacheslav Bocharov elected as Vice Secretary-elected Lydia Mikheyeva, Sergei Ordzhonikidze and Alexander Tochenov.

The public chamber is the link between the people and the government, believes the member of the OP, film Director Vladimir Hotinenko.

“We’re going through a very difficult period, when increased pressure on Russia and the only way to oppose something — strengthening the statehood, — he explained in an interview with NSN. — You need to trust that people have for the President, materialized. To these people, about whom much was said, and their real problems have found solutions in all regions”.

According to the Chairman of Commission OP on the harmonization of interethnic and interfaith relations, Iosif Diskin, the Public chamber should show the new standards for consolidation of civil society.

“I will propose that the chamber has undertaken the development of its development strategy. Another major challenge is improving the quality of examination, which must be brought to the level of regulatory impact assessment. It is also necessary to transform public control in the public traffic, which will bring together members of civil society — active, responsible, and, equally important, a professional,” said Diskin.

In total, the sixth chamber has been updated to 65%, have informed RIA “news” in a press-service of the chamber.

At the same time increased the proportion of women: in the same composition, there were 25% new — 33%.The public chamber