Rammed the van of the gendarmerie in Paris attacker died

The man, who was driving rammed the van of the gendarmerie in Paris of the car, died. It is reported BFMTV.

According to the source channel, the attacker was 31 years old, his name is not disclosed. Earlier, he had come to the attention of the security services as potentially dangerous Islamists.

The Minister of internal Affairs of France Gerard Colomb qualified the incident as an attempted terrorist attack. “The French forces were once again under attack. The threat is extremely high,” he said.

Earlier, on 19 June on the Champs Elysees in the centre of the French capital, the man who drove the car crashed into the van of the gendarmerie. After collision the car of the attacker on fire.

According to preliminary information, was driving people were found machine. In a burned car discovered the gas tank and ammunition. The sappers carried out mine clearing cars.

None of the law enforcement officers has not suffered. The investigation in this case is tasked with conducting anti-terrorist Prosecutor’s office of Paris.

June 6 on the square in front of the Notre Dame 40-year-old Moroccan, armed with a hammer and a knife, attacked a patrol. His partner opened fire and wounded the attacker, shooting him in the legs. Authorities have classified the incident as a terrorist attack.