Iran launched a missile attack on the bases of the militants in Eastern Syria

The Iranian military carried out a missile attack on terrorist bases in Eastern Syria. On Sunday, June 18, reports Reuters with reference to the Agency Tasnim.

The blow was a ballistic medium-range missiles on targets of militants in the East of the country in response to terrorist acts in Tehran. “The shedding of (…) blood will not remain without response,” reads the statement, which was distributed by the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps.

On the morning of 7 June, several people staged a shooting in the Parliament of Iran. It was also reported that one of the attackers managed to leave the building, after which he allegedly opened fire on the street.

Around the same time two men and a woman opened fire in the building of the mausoleum of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, and another suicide bomber activated the explosive device fixed on the body.

One of the attackers was poisoned with cyanide, not to fall into the hands of the authorities, another was liquidated by the security forces. The woman who was involved in a shootout in the mausoleum, was detained.

As a result of attacks killed 18 people, another 52 were injured. Responsibility for the attack took on the banned terrorist organization “Islamic state”. The group promised to organize new attacks.