In Paris armed driver rammed the van gendarmerie

Continuation of: Rammed the van of the gendarmerie in Paris attacker died

On the Champs Elysees in Central Paris, unknown on the car rammed the van of the gendarmerie Nationale. It is reported by Le Parisien.

After the collision, the car caught fire. Its driver, according to the publication, were detained. He is in critical condition. According to preliminary information, was driving people were found machine. In a burned car discovered the gas tank and ammunition. The engineers began clearing the cars.

Law enforcement officers were not injured.

In turn, BFMTV, citing a statement by the press Secretary of the city police Pierre-Henri Brande reported that the attacker was killed. According to unconfirmed reports, he previously came into the view of intelligence as potentially dangerous Islamists.

The investigation into this matter will lead anti-terrorism Prosecutor of Paris.

Police cordoned off the area. The government appealed to the citizens with a request to avoid a scene. Safety reasons were closed nearby subway station.

June 6 on the square in front of the Notre Dame 40-year-old Moroccan, armed with a hammer and a knife, attacked a patrol. His partner opened fire and wounded the attacker, shooting him in the legs. Authorities have classified the incident as a terrorist attack.