In London the van ran into a crowd of people

In London the van ran into a crowd of people

According to the newspaper Daily Mai, the impact occurred close to a mosque, where the faithful dispersed after a night of prayer. Injured more than 10 people.


LONDON, June 19. /TASS/. More than ten people were injured as a result of hitting a pedestrian that occurred in the North-East of London. This was reported in the Daily Mail newspaper.

BREAKING: Reports of a van knocking over more than 10 people near #FinsburyPark mosque in London, police everywhere.

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The newspaper informs that the hitting was carried out by the driver on a minibus near a local mosque at the time when the believers dispersed after a night of prayer. After the incident, passers-by detained the driver and handed him over to the police, the newspaper said.

Met Police: There are a number of casualties being worked on after a vehicle you have with people in Finsbury Park, north London

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Eyewitnesses of the incident, when contacted by Sky News, claimed that after hitting the car on the ground, remained lying motionless a few people. Police officers gave them first aid.

Anyone an idea what exactly happened? @metpoliceuk #finsburypark #sevensisters

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According to eyewitnesses, the police cordoned off the area of the incident. At the scene, according to TV channel, now there are about 15 police cars. There also were a lot of ambulances, most of which had already left the scene.

Police are on the scene and are dealing with a major incident in Seven Sisters Road

— Metropolitan Police (@metpoliceuk) 19 Jun 2017

Earlier, Scotland Yard was informed that the incident in London in the streets of seven Sisters road injured several people. “Call the police arrived at 00:20 local time (02:20 GMT). At the scene discovered multiple victims,” — noted in police. “One person detained”, — is emphasized in a communique to Scotland Yard.

In the heart of Finsbury Park, where the street seven Sisters road, are the famous Salafi mosque, which takes parishioners the North-Eastern part of London.