In Iran banned Zumba in contradiction to the Islamic rules

Representatives of the Iranian authorities banned the country dance Zumba, declaring that it “contradicts Islamic laws”. About it reports The Independent.

According to Sharia dancing is prohibited. In this regard, for several years, the instructors held classes Zumba, calling them “advanced aerobics” or “rhythmic gymnastics”. Recently, however, gyms are open to advertising class with the original name.

In the last few years the energetic Colombian dance has become quite popular around the world, including in Iran. According to the newspaper, many of the teachers are not going to stop training, and only intend to rename them.

According to one of the attendees of a course of Zumba in the final Safavieh (Zohre Safavizadeh) the ban was the authorities ‘ reaction to the freedoms that they were given a fairly liberal President Hassan Rouhani. “The hardliners in our politics, I want to undo everything he promised us President Rouhani. We, women, are deprived of small pleasures”, she said.

In February this year, the Iranian chess player to Doors Derakhshani, not wearing a hijab in one of the matches of the tournament in Gibraltar was expelled from the national team.