In Germany for setting fire to the cables by the anti-globalization movement disrupted the movement of trains

At least 13 of arson of power cables in different regions of Germany led to failures in work of railway transport of the country. About this reports Deutsche Welle.

Irregularities in the movement of trains occurred in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Dortmund, Leipzig, and, in at least three places in the Federal state of lower Saxony.

Police say on the coordinated actions of intruders. Law enforcement agencies began a search for the suspects. Investigators do not exclude that the incident involved-globalization — opponents of the G20 summit in July in Hamburg, scheduled for July 7-8.

May 27, Italian police used tear gas to disperse opponents of the summit “the Big seven” in the Sicilian town of Taormina. After one and a half thousand demonstrators demanding from the leaders of “seven” to pay more attention to the interests of ordinary people peacefully marched through the streets of the resort suburb of Giardini Naxos, a group of about a hundred people separated from the crowd and tried to break through the cordons. Guards applied against them batons and other special means.