Google to strengthen control over extremist videos on YouTube

Google will help fight against the spreading of extremist video clips on the hosting YouTube, which belongs to the Corporation. On Sunday, June 18, Google said in a statement.

To this end the company will upgrade and improve the tools for the automatic detection and removal of videos that contain propaganda of terrorist and other extremist content. Google is going to increase the number of employees in manual mode involved in the detection and removal of such a video.

Service users who have viewed this video, Google will send links to records of the anti-extremist content, which should encourage them not to link their lives with terrorism.

The company also promised to cooperate with social organizations that lead the fight against the spread of extremist materials on the Internet.

“The extremists and terrorists want not only to undermine our security, but also to destroy our values and everything that makes a society open and free. We do not allow”, — stated in a press release from Google.