The U.S. Consulate warned of the increased threat of terrorist attacks in Istanbul

The U.S. Consulate in Istanbul issued a warning about the increased threat of terrorist attacks in the city. Special vigilance should be observed in the center of Istanbul — Sisli districts and Mediciene.

“Consulate General of the United States in Istanbul has warned of an increased threat to security in the districts of Fatih and Mediciene up to a possible terrorist threat. The warning applies especially to Agaoglu street in Sisli district”, — stated in the message.

Diplomats asking US citizens living in these areas to be vigilant and to be careful. The same warning is addressed to travellers visiting the tourist spots of Istanbul.

The correspondent of “Interfax” in Istanbul, reports that in the Central part of the city strengthened security measures. In Taksim square the police exhibited a fence and guarded by reinforced police squads.

Special security measures have been taken to the Russian Consulate General, located on the pedestrian street Istiklal. Near the Russian Consulate exposed a massive police barricades and an armored car on duty with the armed soldiers of the gendarmerie. Street patrol police in bullet-proof vests, armed with machine guns.

In addition, the police on duty in areas of major transport hubs in the European part of the city.