The Chairman of the “Alternative for Germany” called Crimea primordially Russian territory

Alexander Gauland (left) and the leader of the “Alternative for Germany” Frauke Petry

Deputy Chairman of the party “Alternative for Germany” Alexander Gauland called Crimea primordially Russian territory. This statement of policies made at the party Congress in Karlsruhe, writes Die Welt.

Gowland also urged to cancel sanctions against Russia.

“Sanctions are always the wrong way politically. And they will not lead to the return of the Crimea. Crimea — the ancestral territory of Russia, and she can’t return to Ukraine”, — he said.

The politician criticized the Western countries that after the collapse of the Soviet Union are unable to build a new world order together with Russia. “The Germans always were good when we had good relations with Russia”, — he reminded.

Crimea reunited with Russia in 2014, according to the results of the referendum. Kiev considers the region as its territory. Moscow claims that the annexation of Crimea took place in accordance with international law.

In September, Germany will hold parliamentary elections. The victory they can win the Christian democratic Union (CDU) led by Chancellor Angela Merkel. According to polls, he can count on the support of 35-40 percent of the electorate. The social democratic party of Germany (SPD) lost voices — its rating hovering around 25 percent. Followed by “Green”, “Left”, the free Democrats and the “Alternative for Germany” — all of them can dial to 8 percent of the vote.