Pamela Anderson asked Him to grant asylum to “sexual Assange”

American actress Pamela Anderson has appealed to the leader of the British labour’s Jeremy Corbin and the President of France Emmanuel Makron with the request to help the founder of the portal WikiLeaks Julian Assange to seek asylum in France. Corresponding letter published on the Foundation’s website Pamela Anderson.

The appeal entitled “Why does my heart along with Julian”, the actress admits that wherever she was, she can’t forget “a man isolated in the Ecuadorian Embassy.”

“Thinking about Julian, I wonder what the most sexy quality in a man? Of course, the most sexy quality in a man is bravery and courage,” wrote Anderson.

The actress believes Assange a freedom fighter and asks President of France to grant the WikiLeaks founder asylum. Anderson, who is a resident of the Republic and calls France a second home, is a Macron to meet and discuss this issue.

She also appealed to the leader of the British labour party Jeremy Corbin with a proposal to help secure Assange to leave the Embassy of Ecuador.

Julian Assange is in the Embassy of Ecuador in London since June 2012. There he found refuge, fearing extradition to Sweden, where he was charged with rape. In may this year the investigation was terminated, but Assange still fears extradition to the Swedish authorities, as the city of Stockholm will give him over to the US where he could face the death penalty for publishing classified information.