Mitvol reported Zhirinovsky won a lawsuit on protection of honor

Oleg Mitvol

Oleg Mitvol, who headed the party list in the Duma elections in 2016, claims that won a lawsuit on protection of honor and dignity of the leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky. His words on Thursday, June 16, reports TASS.

“I sued Zhirinovsky for his words during the debates. The court was long, I demanded one million rubles, Simonovsky court ruled in my favor, but reduced the amount to 100 thousand rubles”, — reminded Mitvol.

According to him, the leader of the liberal Democrats appealed the court’s decision, “indignant by such a large amount.” As a result, the Moscow city court has lowered the price of the claim up to 30 thousand rubles, said Mitvol.

The politician also said that he would not appeal the recent decision of the court. “Zhirinovsky in view of the forthcoming presidential campaign need that money,” he said.

In August 2016, the Green party appealed to the Supreme court, demanding to withdraw from the election party list of candidates to the state Duma from LDPR. But the complaint remained without satisfaction. At the same time Mitvol has submitted the claim on one million roubles after Zhirinovsky in the course of the debates called him a thief and a fraud. The son of Zhirinovsky, head of the Supreme Council of LDPR Igor Lebedev called the actions Mitvol pre-election populism.

18 September in Russia held elections to the state Duma of the seventh convocation. Constitutional majority got the party “United Russia”. The second result showed the Communist party, the third — LDPR, which received 39 seats in the lower house of Parliament.