In Kiev, the radicals began to beat LGBT activists after the gay pride parade

During the LGBT March in Kiev, police detained six people

In Kiev LGBT-activists began to beat once past the city’s gay pride parade. On Sunday, June 18, according to “Freed”.

One of the participants in the LGBT March was attacked in the subway station “Kontraktova square”, the second was attacked at the station “Petrovka”. Activist of the “equality March” Olena Herasymiuk said that in the city centre some people looking for the participants of the gay parade.

“Friends, there is another sort of danger: some whack-ass crowd of men now walking and looking for “perverts” in the center of the city. Be careful. We just met these characters, be warned,” said she.

As reported on his page on Facebook journalist Katerina Lisunova, the radicals also attacked a citizen of Israel, participated in the parade. “Physical abuse and aggressive shouts! The situation is really dangerous — I and a colleague from the Associated Press for filming openly threatened”, she added.

Earlier in the day in Kiev the police during the gay parade detained six people. During the March from the building of the Kiev University, the Ukrainian nationalists seized the LGBT activists of the so-called rainbow flag and burned it.

Gay pride parade was held in Kyiv on June 18. In June 2016 at a similar event, the police detained 50 opponents actions.