In Karelia commemorated during a storm on the Syamozero children

In Karelia commemorated during a storm on the Syamozero children

St. PETERSBURG, 18 Jul — RIA Novosti. Mourning events dedicated to the memory of children who died during the storm on the Syamozero in June last year, held in Karelia, the press service of the President.

The tragedy occurred on June 18 of 2016, children from the camp “the Park hotel “Syamozero” went along with the instructors on a walk around the lake. In the entire group was 51 people, four of them adults. When the storm began, two canoes with children carried out on the open water, and the raft with their comrades nailed to one of the Islands. Both canoes are capsized, killing 14 children. Camp “Park hotel Syamozero” after it was closed.

A year ago in the memory of the incident on the shore of Syamozero was established a memorial cross. Today from this place began the ceremonies. In memory of the dead children’s parents laid to worship the cross 14 nominal wreaths.

“Tragedy on the Syamozero still a pain in our hearts. To forget is impossible. But now our task is to do everything to rule out criminal negligence in matters of safety of our citizens, especially against children,” — said the acting head of Karelia, Artur Parfenchikov, who was present at the ceremonies.

According to the report, the parents supported the proposal of the acting head of Karelia to be built near the memorial cross separate stone chapel.

In the village qudaamah also held the funeral service, parents and relatives of children will visit the “Museum of angels”, created last year at the initiative of local residents.