France began the second round of parliamentary elections

France began the second round of parliamentary elections

French citizens on Sunday will participate in the second round of parliamentary elections. President Emmanuel macron, whose created just a year ago, the party of “go Republic!” was in the lead in the first round, expects to strengthen its position in Parliament and create a basis for reform.

It is expected that the supporters of Macron will win and will win the majority of seats in the national Assembly of France.

After the second round of party Rules and her allied “Democratic movement” can, according to experts, to take 445 of 577 seats in the lower house of Parliament.

Party with a rich history called on voters to support the opponents Rules to prevent the monopolization of power.

Macron has created a party “Go Republic!” in April 2016, half of its candidates has virtually no political experience.

The national Assembly elections held in two rounds. June 18, voters in districts where candidates in the first round receives more than 50% of the vote.

In the first round of party Rules and “Democratic movement” brought together 32.3% of the votes.

Second place in the first round took centre-right party the “Republicans” of ex-President Nicolas Sarkozy with a score of 15.77%. The ultra-right “national front” marine Le Pen received 13.2% of votes. The socialist party, the predecessor of the Macron, françois Hollande, has lost the status of ruling and their allies got only 9.5%.

The turnout in the first round was the lowest for all time of existence of the Fifth Republic (since 1958).

One of the leaders of “Republicans” Francois Baroin after the first round said that low voter turnout is indicative of a “deep split” in the French society, Le Pen said that the electoral system in France needs reforms.

The party of “go Republic!” nominated Parliament candidates from different spheres of life, including students and pensioners, many of whom are new to politics. The selection of candidates was based on the summary sent by e-mail.