Trump, presented the financial report for the year 2016

Trump, presented the financial report for the year 2016

WASHINGTON, June 17 — RIA Novosti. The President of the United States Donald trump presented the financial report for the year 2016, a document released Friday by the Office of state ethics, indicates the income of the President and of which he gave to the trust, joining the presidential office in January of this year.

“The President took the opportunity to voluntarily submit their personal financial statements,” — said in connection with the publication of the document a press-service of the White house.

98 page document which covers the period from January 2016 to spring of this lists 565 companies in which the President left the managerial position before taking office on January 20. The document also listed companies, shares in which are owned by trump, and the income that he brings these assets.

The document also specifies the size of credit obligations of trump, amounting to 315 million dollars.

The vast majority associated with trump’s companies have related to Golf, real-estate and hotel business. Gained worldwide fame with the arrival of trump in the Oval office Golf club Mar-a-Lago, the cost of which is estimated at more than $ 50 million, brought in the reporting period, the income of 37.2 million dollars. In total, Golf clubs, trump brought him more than 288 million dollars. Hotel name trump in Washington, DC (Trump Hotel) earned in the same period of 19.7 million dollars.

Trump to taking office, has transferred all of its business in a special trust, which is run by one of his sons and Manager of the Trump Organization, but he President is the sole beneficiary of the trust, which receives financial gain from its activities, and may at any time revoke trust, regaining control.

The white house stressed that the President has issued statements voluntarily, because he officially had no right to do this until may 2018.

However, observers note that such statements do not contain sufficient information to assess the real state of Affairs of the President. In particular, the document does not contain information about his tax payments, which trump has not released either during the campaign or after taking office.