“There is always hope”: Putin on the possibility of improving relations between Russia and the United States



Aired the final episode of Oliver stone’s “Interview with Putin”. In the latest episode, the President shared his opinion about the Russian-American relations, commented on the accusations of “interference” of Russia in elections in the United States and spoke about the work of the security services. In addition, the head of state answered the stone question about whether he can lead the country in the near future.

In the fourth episode of the film-an interview with Vladimir Putin and Oliver stone once again discussed Russian-American relations. According to the President, during his tenure as head of state in almost nothing has changed. At the same time, he stressed that hope to improve relations there.

“There is always hope while we suffer in white sneakers in the cemetery,” — said Putin.

He admitted that during the election campaign, Russia was sympathetic to Donald Trump, who publicly stated a desire to improve relations between the two countries. While Putin rejected accusations of “meddling” in US presidential elections:

“We were not engaged in any hacking attacks. And it is difficult to imagine that any other country, even a country like Russia, could seriously to affect the election campaign and its results.”

He added that unidentified hackers “uncovered problems in the Democratic party”, but “did not compile” and “no one cheated”. This incident couldn’t affect the presidential election, Putin said.

“These people who were trying to manipulate public opinion, ought not to create an enemy image of Russia, and to apologize to the voters. But they didn’t do it,” he said.

The Russian leader noted that the accusations against Moscow are connected with the desire to undermine the legitimacy of of trump and to create the conditions in which the chance of normalization of relations is reduced.

“Russian-American relations in this context is merely a tool of internal political struggle in the United States,” — said the President.

The intervention of the United States

Meanwhile, Putin said that the United States interfered in the presidential elections in Russia. Particularly aggressive they did in 2012, said the head of state.

“American partners know about it, I told Kerry and Obama spoke. It is difficult for us to imagine that foreign service officers aggressively entered the election campaign in Russia”, — said Putin.

According to him, the US funded opposition groups. Putin noted that non-governmental organizations can do “anything”, but diplomats should “establish inter-state relations”:

“Although NGOs are often funded through a number of “strips” and structures — whether from the state Department, or any other quasi-public sources. In the former Soviet space and in Eastern Europe, and other countries, and in Africa the same thing happens in Latin America.”

Answering the question of whether cyberwar between Russia and the United States, Putin noted that “when there is action, there is always opposition.” He noted that Americans have a “large farm”, referring to the intelligence community.

“Have everywhere, everywhere to work. So 600 billion spent by the Pentagon, that’s not all that goes on defence and security,” the President said.

While Russia in the 90s came from the fact that the cold war is over, Putin adds. In this regard, many companies and government agencies buy European and American equipment, and currently use including in the Russian special services.

“But lately we certainly have begun to recognize this threat and, of course, thinking about how we can ensure the technological independence, and security. Of course, we think about it and take certain steps”, — said Putin.

“In a coffin has no pockets”

Putin also told about his attitude to the activities of Joseph Stalin. The President called him a “complex figure”:

“As much as anything to demonize and much else, on the other hand, to speak of its merit in the victory over Nazism.”

According to him, the excessive demonization of Stalin is one of the ways the attack on the Soviet Union and Russia, noting that the country has changed dramatically since then, as he was in power.

“But that doesn’t mean we have to forget all the horrors of Stalinism, associated with the concentration camps and the destruction of millions of their compatriots”, — said Putin.

Responding to a question stone about his condition, Putin said that “it has no such wealth, which they say”. He said that if he had accounts in Cyprus, they would long ago have found. The President also said that the big money does not bring happiness.

“In a coffin of pockets is not, the money will not take”, — said Putin.


Also, the Director asked about the President’s plans for the future. Stone asked Putin whether the rule the country after 2018. The Russian leader evaded a direct answer:

“As for the elections in 2018, I would like to say that there are things that still have to stay a certain intrigue.”

Putin stressed that the country needs to be a change of government and a healthy competition between a “nationally oriented” people.

“In the end, once again, after all the citizens make the final decision”, — concluded Putin.