The Swedish authorities told about the thousands of Islamists in the country

The number of radical Islamists living in Sweden has increased from two hundred to several thousand. This was stated by the head of the Swedish security police (SEPO) Anders Thornberg, of his words, reports The Local.

“We’ve never encountered before. They have not hundreds, but thousands. This “new normal”, the growing number of extremists is a historic challenge,” said Thornberg. According to him, however, only a small number have the desire and opportunity to commit the attack.

The chief of police blamed this trend on a propaganda machine of the banned terrorist organization “Islamic state” (IG). Thornberg indicates that before the radicals of North Africa, the Middle East and Somalia had virtually no contact with each other, but now United into a single network. He gave the figures: in 2012, the citizens of Sweden said in SEPO on the likely terrorists two thousand times, in 2016 this figure has tripled.

April 7 at Drottninggatan, the main pedestrian street of Stockholm — driven native of Uzbekistan Rakhmat Akilov truck crashed into the crowd. The attack killed four people: two citizens of Sweden, one of the UK and Belgian. 15 people got injured. Akilov expressed sympathy for ISIS.