The hunt for “Werewolf”: how to create a military “Black shark”

Ka-50 “Black shark”

© Vladimir Sayapin/TASS

35 years ago made the first flight of the prototype multi-purpose attack helicopter Ka-50. Known under the name “Black shark”.

Prototypes were collected on Ukhtomsky helicopter plant, pre-production and production vehicles built in the years 1991-2009 in an aircraft factory “Progress” in Arsenyev Primorsky Krai (now – JSC “Arsenyev aviation company “Progress” to them. N. And. Sazykina” the holding company “Helicopters of Russia”). According to open sources, in all there were 25 cars, including experienced.

In 1995 the Ka-50 was adopted by the air force (now composed of Air and space forces), however, due to lack of funds, the defense Ministry refused to bulk purchases and in 1990-2000-ies were carried out piece production.