The Commission will check compliance with the property trump human rights

Donald Trump

The Commission on civil rights, States to check the activities of the administration of us President Donald trump on human rights. On Saturday, June 17, according to a statement.

“The Commission believes that this investigation needed to carry out our basic duty to enforce Federal civil rights laws in the United States,” — said the press service. It is also noted that the expertise will be carried out within two years, it will be completed in the 2019 financial year.

According to the document, the objective of the audit is to “determine the degree to which current income and expenditure of the budget and staffing of the state employees to work agencies in civil rights.”

The Supervisory body, which includes both Republicans and Democrats, expressed concern that the proposed White house budget cuts human rights organizations would lead to “threat reduction level of compliance with civil rights across the country and put at high risk of discrimination of communities of color, sexual minorities, the elderly, the disabled and other socially excluded groups”.

In may it became known that the administration of trump’s plans in the coming ten years to $ 1.7 trillion, reduce spending on various social benefits in the country. In particular, it was reported that the government will reduce funding for programs providing food stamps, health insurance, pension payments to former employees of Federal agencies, social benefits, additional payments to low-income working citizens of the US and farm subsidies.