The Afghan soldier wounded four American soldiers

Soldiers of the military of Afghanistan

American soldiers were injured in the incident at camp Shaheen in Northern Afghanistan killed among them. It is reported TASS with reference to the representative carried out in this country the international operations of U.S. forces and NATO.

Earlier on June 17, the Afghan TV station Tolo News said that at least four foreign soldiers were wounded in an attack by soldiers of the armed forces of Afghanistan.

According to representatives of the Afghan authorities, the assailant was eliminated.

On June 11 in Nangarhar province in the East of the Afghan soldiers fighting on the side of the coalition forces shot and killed three American troops. The assailant was killed by return fire, the cause of the incident is unknown.

In March 2017, an Afghan soldier fired at the military personnel of the U.S. armed forces at a NATO base, located in the southern province of Helmand. Injured three military personnel.

Currently in Afghanistan there are 8.5 thousand of American soldiers and 4.5 thousand soldiers of NATO countries. Previously the commander of us forces General John Nicholson said that in order to reverse the situation, he needed several thousand more troops.