Putin warned stone about the consequences of the interview with him



Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned American Director Oliver stone, that “get” for an interview with the Russian leader. A documentary about Putin published ShowTime.

The content of the film reviewed TASS. In the end, Putin thanked the stone “during the time for questions” and “corrosiveness”. “You have never beaten?” Putin asked the Director. In response, stone said that has this experience. “Well then, you have to get used to, because you will get” – said the Russian President.

Stone said that he knew about it, but “it’s worth it if will help consolidate peace and lead the world in consciousness.”

Putin and the stone for two years conducted a series of long conversations on the basis of which the filmmaker has created a documentary film “Interview with Putin”. The premiere of the film in the US took place June 13-15. In Russian, “Interview with Putin” will show “the First channel” from 19 to 22 June. Stone said that he had asked the Russian President a lot of awkward questions and “pulled out all the pain points”.

The Director has criticized the Western media. For example, the journalist Brian Lowry in his article for CNN said that the Director can be accused of “creating public relations tool for the Russian leader.” Ann Hornday of the Washington Post wrote that the stone in the interview, “refused to argue with even the most questionable statements of his interlocutor”.