Putin spoke about U.S. interference in the presidential elections in Russia


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The American channel Showtime showed the fourth and last part of the documentary “Interview with Putin”, which was directed by Oliver stone. In the last series of Russian President Vladimir Putin and discussed about suspicions of interference by Russia in the U.S. presidential election, expectations of Donald trump and also about plans of the Russian President in the future, at the same time, Putin did not disclose the intrigue associated with the question about his possible participation in presidential elections of 2018.

Stone periodically go on the offensive, Putin asking “inconvenient” questions, Putin retorted.

Hacking attacks are not involved

A significant part of the conversation was devoted to the news No. 1 on American television in the last six months – the issue of “Russian intervention”, which supposedly helped lead trump to power.

American intelligence agencies said the burglary by Russian hackers servers of the National Committee of the Democratic party, from which he concluded about “the Russian intervention”. In addition, a daily inflation of the Russian themes in the media has led to the fact that the President of trump it is official study on the subject of “collusion with Russia.” Russia has repeatedly denied these allegations as unsubstantiated.

Putin in an interview reiterated that the elections in Russia did not intervene. “We were not engaged in any hacking attacks. And it is difficult to imagine that any other country, even a country like Russia, could seriously to affect the election campaign and its results”, — said the Russian President.

Stone this response was not enough, and he played in aggravation, “Yes, but why would you bother to “hack” the election?”

Putin replied that the hackers were never found, but against Russia was not charged with any evidence. In his opinion, the history of break-ins has turned into an instrument of political struggle and the attempt to undermine the legitimacy of the President.

“Our influence on the election results in the United States is a lie. This is done now for several reasons. To undermine the legitimacy of President trump, to create conditions that worsen the possibility of normalization of relations and to create the conditions, additional tools for political struggle. Russian-American relations in this context is merely a tool of internal political struggle in the United States,” said Putin.

He added that losing an election the Democrats should apologize to the voters and not to exaggerate the “Russian threat”. “These people who were trying to manipulate public opinion, ought not to create an enemy image of Russia, and to apologize to the voters. But they didn’t do it”, — Putin said.

US interference in elections in Russia

Putin said that Washington repeatedly interfered in elections in Russia, but this was particularly evident in 2012.

Stone asked whether the U.S. interfered in elections in Russia 2012.

“In 2000, and in 2012 — always has been. But in 2012, especially aggressive. I will not go”, — said Putin. He also stressed that Washington used diplomatic officials for their own purposes.

“American partners know about it, I (ex-Secretary of state John) Kerry has said, (ex-President Barack) Obama said. It is difficult for us to imagine that foreign service officers aggressively entered the election campaign in Russia. Well were collected at opposition forces and financed, went to all sorts of opposition rallies. The diplomatic service needs to do something else, the diplomatic service must establish interstate relations”, — Putin said.

“NGOs can do anything they want, and (the organization) of any national origin. Although NGOs are often funded through a number of “strips” and structures — whether from the state Department, or any other quasi-public sources. In the former Soviet space and in Eastern Europe, and other countries, and in Africa the same thing happens in Latin America”, — said Putin.

Sympathy for the Tramp and the willingness to talk

According to Putin, Russia continues to sympathize with the Tramp because he talked about the desire to build relationships.

“Of course, we sympathized with Mr. Trump still do it, because he publicly declared his willingness to restore Russia-American relations”, — said the Russian President. According to him, during the election campaign trump competently built the campaign based on the expectations of the people, although “too far on many issues”.

Stone stated that when Putin took over four US President, bill Clinton, George Bush, Barack Obama and Donald trump. Stone asked what has changed.

“Almost nothing. Life brings adjustments. We are everywhere, including in the United States, strong bureaucracy, and it actually rules the world”, — said Putin. He made it clear that Russia is ready to wait until the USA are ready to dialogue. To the question about the meeting with trump, the Russian leader said it has no plans to rush.

He noted that Trump has yet to build up relations with partners, including American institutions such as the Pentagon, the state Department, Republicans and Democrats. “So when the administration will be ready for practical work, we will immediately respond,” — said Putin.

“I also hope that we will be able to find some point where we will understand each other. We need to start a substantive dialogue with the American side and at the level of the state Department, and on the level of intelligence, and national security Council. Some public statements are not enough neither our nor the American side. We want to hear today arguments on the American side, and not on the press, and in a constructive professional dialogue. I want us to be heard,” he added.

Overall, according to Putin, “there is always hope while we suffer in white sneakers in the graveyard.”

Secret war

Stone showed excerpts of his film about former employee of U.S. intelligence Edward Snowden, who found asylum in Russia. The Director persistently asked Putin whether now the “secret war” in cyberspace between the US and Russia.

In response, Putin quoted Newton’s Third law, according to which every action is a reaction.

He described huge the US intelligence community as “large farm”. “Americans have a very large farm. Needs everywhere, everywhere to work. So 600 billion (dollars per year) spent by the Pentagon, that’s not all that goes on defence and security,” Putin said.

The Russian President stressed that, in building its own capacity in cybersphere, Russia had to catch up with other countries and to re-formulate for himself the principles of safety.

“We are from the beginning of 90-ies came from the fact that the cold war ended. We believed that there is no need to take any additional precautions because we are an organic part of the global community. Own equipment almost was not built. Therefore, our companies and public institutions, administrative bought everything — hardware, and software. We have a lot of European equipment and American. Even in the security services and the Ministry of defence. But lately we certainly have begun to recognize this threat and, of course, thinking about how we can ensure the technological independence, and security. Of course, we think about it and take certain steps”, — Putin said.

Plans for the future

Then he spoke about the rumors that Putin has accumulated a large fortune. The Russian leader said, “I don’t Have that kind of wealth, which they say”. To the question about accounts anywhere in Cyprus, Putin said that if these accounts were, they would long ago have found.

Stone in a rigid manner, asked Putin about his plans for the future and about how long Russian President intends to lead the country. Putin in response to repeated questions stone said that to solve the issue of the leader is Russia itself, and that it to justify to anyone will not.

Putin was asked, whether he does not see the danger that has been in power for a large number of years, and if re-elected in 2018 will be in aggregate on the posts of President and Prime Minister for 24 years.

“The question you just asked, about whether Russia needs to anyone else — that’s up to Russia itself. As for regime change, it certainly should be, and of course, in these processes should be healthy competition. But this competition should be observed among the national people-oriented”, — said Putin.

“In the end, once again, after all the citizens make the final decision,” he added.

According to Putin, Russia owes nothing on this account will not prove. “Do you think our goal is to someone something to prove? Our goal is to strengthen their country,” — said Putin.

Stone replied that it was “dangerous argument”, because it can be used including those who speculates on the survival of the country to abuse power.

“We’re not talking about survival. And we are in no way justified. Keeping in mind all the negative — and you talked about the Imperial past, the Soviet past, what happened in the past, and all the positive things that happened in the past, Russia has been a thousand years. Has its own traditions. You have your own ideas about justice. You have your own ideas about the effectiveness of government. And the question is not is to someone to keep the existing system of power or to resist. The issue in ensuring economic growth, its pace, the quality of life of citizens, improving the defense in the regular mode and not in the condition some complications and crises”, — said Putin.

Stone asked, does the President agree that people change without noticing it, if too long in power. “It’s a very dangerous condition. If the person in power feels like the nerve is lost, he must leave his place”, — Putin said.

Putin did not answer the question about whether he will run in 2018, stating that “there must remain a certain intrigue.”

In parting, Putin suddenly asked, did you ever stone to be broken.

“Thank you for your time, your questions for corrosiveness. You have never in your life beat?” — asked the President.

Stone admitted that he, indeed, been bit. “Then you are not used to. Because you will get,” — said Putin.

“It’s worth it if it will bring more peace and awareness in the world,” stone said.

He later explained in an interview with RIA Novosti that he had seen his objective is to bring to the West Russia’s position, and negative reviews about himself regards as inevitable and not worthy of attention. To advertise its film in the United States chose stone almost provocative, mocking the title, parodying the numerous theories about the fact that Russia almost controls the United States. “Know your enemy”, — stated in the promotional posters of the film stone.

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