Peskov praised the nature for the appearance of a newborn in a straight line with Putin

Official Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that the appearance in the shot of a newborn baby in the direct line with Russian President Vladimir Putin was highly successful. His words on Friday, June 16, the correspondent “”.

“In hospitals, in fact, children are born. There is not born one child, constantly taking birth,” — said Peskov in response to the question about how he assesses the Director’s findings a straight line, in particular the birth of a child for minutes to air.

A Kremlin spokesman stressed that in this situation is to talk about the drama of the organizers of the television, but the “drama of nature”.

TV marathon, during which Putin answered 68 questions, was held yesterday, June 15. While turning from Ufa President has shown a newborn baby, born in minutes before air. The boy’s father said that he had decided to call him Michael. In response, the head of state congratulated the happy parents with the birth of his son and wished them all the best.

Further the floor was taken by obstetrician-gynecologist Ruslan Garifullin. He asked Putin about whether to take measures to stimulate the birth rate. In response, the head of state listed the possible ways of support. “This extension of the parent capital, and promotion of first births among young mothers. We need to think about how to motivate families to have a second or third child,” — said Putin.

During television, the President also shared that his second grandson was born.