In Australia the police have laid siege to the house with the armed man and four children inside

In Melbourne, Australia the police have laid siege to the house, which was locked armed man. It is reported by The Australian.

Special operation held in the Epping suburb of Melbourne. 26-year-old local resident, armed with a gun, fled from police who tried to arrest him in one of the investigations, and locked himself in the house. Besides him, there are also a woman and four children. According to the guards, it’s not a hostage situation — they refuse to come out and say that staying in the house voluntarily. The police blocked all the surrounding streets.

In 2014 in Sydney a gunman took hostage visitors cafe, shooting one of the managers. Terrorist eliminated in a special operation, during the assault killed a hostage. In June 2017 Thriller Jakub hare in Melbourne killed a man and took a woman hostage, declaring that acts on behalf of the “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia).