British authorities have identified the victims Grenfell Tower of more than $6 million

British authorities have identified the victims Grenfell Tower of more than $6 million

In addition, the government will resettle the victims of fires in new homes within three weeks.


LONDON, June 17. /Offset. TASS Maxim Ryzhkov/. The UK government has allocated to the fire victims Grenfell Tower 5 million pounds ($6.4 million) and promised to relocate them in new homes within three weeks. The relevant statements were made on Friday, Prime Minister Theresa may.

The government will make available £ 5 million as emergency assistance to people so they could buy normal stuff for everyday life.Teresa Mypremier Minister

“But we have taken other steps, — said the head of the government, which are to ensure that they (the victims) moved within three weeks.”

A fire in a 24-storey residential building occurred on the night of 14 June. According to the latest official data, in the result of incident killed at least 30 people.

New test may

The horrific consequences of fire in high-rise residential building in London threaten to lead to new ordeal for Prime Minister Theresa may, in addition to its failure held on 8 June General elections.

On Friday, the head of the government has come under fire of harsh criticism due to the fact that the day before was limited to only a short stay on the scene and, in contrast to the other two arriving to Grenfell Tower politicians — the leader of the labour party, Jeremy Corbyn and the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, and communicated with none of the fire victims. The inhabitants of that part of the Kensington district, where is located the burned high-rise building, with indignation about this fact on camera Central British TV and sing the praises of Corbin.

On Friday, may visited the victims of fire disaster in a London hospital and again came to the scene, this time met with residents of a fire destroyed skyscrapers, and with volunteers providing assistance. During the meeting, the victims and their sympathizers met arrived under heavy guard premiere offensive exclamations, accusing Mei of cowardice, and stating that it covered itself with shame.

The Queen and other

In the burned high-rise on Friday was attended by many famous British. But if the Queen of great Britain Elizabeth II and her grandson Prince William, the inhabitants of this district were met by a very friendly, when the head of state and second in line heir to the British throne began to communicate with the fire victims and volunteers in the sports centre, the Westway, the leader of the house of Commons and Lord President of the Privy Council Andrea Leeds, who is a member of the political team may, they reacted differently, telling her what I think about the premiere.

The proposal for expropriation of real estate

Corbin, meanwhile, scored the left-wing electorate political points with his offer to resettle victims of the fire at vacant homes and apartments of Kensington, which belong to the representatives of the wealthy part of the population. About it as have informed on Friday, the newspaper Daily Express, ultralevel the British opposition leader said members of the labor faction of the house of Commons of the British Parliament.

It is unacceptable that in London we have an empty luxury buildings and condos purchased only as a tool of subsequent earnings from investments in real estate, while the homeless and destitute looking for shelter.Jeremy Carbineer labour party

The labour leader also drew the attention of party members to the contrasts of the capital of Kensington, the house Grenfell Tower.

“Kensington is the story of two very different cities: the southern part of the area is incredibly rich, it is the most wealthy part of the country, but the part where the fire occurred, I think, is the poorest district again throughout the country. And housing area needs to be found and can be requisitioned if necessary to ensure the resettlement of residents (of the burnt down high-rise buildings) within their area,” said Corbin.

According to the newspaper, call Corbin found a response not only from his ideological supporters in the ranks of the party, but including some politicians, which were referred to the moderate labour party.

The seizure of the administrative building

May have not had time to announce their initiative to provide the victims of budget money, when near the administrative Council of the London district of Kensington and Chelsea began the demonstration, organized by the public organization of the Radical Housing Network. The participants affected by the inaction of the authorities at that time and demanding immediate resettlement of people left homeless by a fire, as well as the allocation of public funds to help the victims, seized the administrative building, after which police had to escort out of Council employees. At the moment, broke into the building the men had already left him, heeding the calls of the organizers of keep calm and, apparently, without causing the County Council any damage.

However, protests took place in other areas of London, including in Westminster, where those gathered in Parliament square activists held by the government in Whitehall, past the gates of the Prime Minister’s residence, and at the end of the route staged a sit-in demonstration on the famous shopping Oxford circus.

Mutual accusations of mayors

Meanwhile, former and current authorities of the capital began to accuse each other in connection with the tragedy. So, Sadiq Khan, complained to his predecessor Boris Johnson that he is implementing a policy of the tories on the economy of budgetary expenses, reduced in number of fire brigades, thereby hinting that this had an impact on the fact that firefighters did not have time to cope with fire. Johnson, in response, accused the current mayor of London in the politicization of the tragedy.

The increase in the number of victims

Scotland Yard said on Friday that the fire at Grenfell Tower, killing at least 30 people (up to this point those officially was 17), and that hospitals are 24 people, 12 of them remain in intensive care. Meanwhile, Sky News informed citing its own sources, that “70 people missing, probably dead.”

A fire in a 24-storey residential building Grenfell Tower, which lived up to 600 people, occurred on the night of 14 June. It started on the lower floors, and then the flames quickly spread to the top of the building, with the result that some people were trapped in a fire.