A collection of tales from XI Jinping became a bestseller in China

XI Jinping

A collection of “Stories and statements” of the leader of China, XI Jinping, has become a bestseller in China. It is reported by the China Daily.

The book has won acclaim from literary critics who saw in it “an informal perspective on the challenges facing leaders in the twenty-first century.”

“Public speech, XI Jinping, have two characteristics: they are very convincing and reflect Chinese realities. Reading this book, I feel his unique charisma,” said Professor of the School of Chinese language and literature at Beijing normal University Kang Zhen.

The book, published June 8, contains 109 stories. After each, the editors described the circumstances under which the head of state mentioned certain stories or sayings.

This week “Stories and statements” took second place in the category of “political and military literature” major book online company Jingdong.