Vice-President of the United States hired a lawyer to assist in the “Russian investigation”

Michael Pence

Vice-President Michael Pence has retained outside counsel to assist in the “Russian investigation”. On Thursday, June 15, reports the Washington Post.

Specifies that the Pens hired a lawyer and a former Prosecutor in the Eastern district of Virginia Richard Cullen, which should help him to answer the queries of spectracolor of justice Robert Muller of the committees of the Senate and house of representatives.

The lawyer will not receive funds from the Federal budget, according to the material.

The process of hiring a lawyer took several weeks, Pens considered several candidates for this position. He finally approved the candidacy of Cullen just this week.

In the United States continues the investigation about the “Russian interference” in the presidential elections of 2016. The proceedings on this subject are the FBI and the special Committee on intelligence of the Senate and house of representatives.

Russia has repeatedly accused of meddling in the U.S. presidential election in 2016. Such statements, in particular, contained in the published in January, declassified part of the report, which was prepared by the CIA, FBI and NSA. It said that Russian leader Vladimir Putin personally instructed to arrange a campaign to discredit the democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and win trump. Moscow denies all these charges.