Trunov demanded 7 million for the withdrawal from the elections to the Duma

Igor Trunov

Lawyer Igor Trunov has addressed in Savelovsky court of Moscow with the requirement about compensation for withdrawing from the elections to the state Duma on the party list of the Russian party of pensioners for justice (RPPS). On Friday, June 16, reports “Interfax”.

“I ask to collect at the expense of the Russian Treasury in my favour the amount of reimbursement of harm caused by unlawful actions of state authorities of $ 6 746 490 rubles,” — said Trunov.

In the lawsuit, according to the lawyer, he indicated that as a result of the actions of the authorities he suffered considerable pecuniary damage because of the inability to participate in the election campaign.

“In addition, had violated the rights of voters residing on the territory of the electoral district where I was nominated,” explained Trunov.

In April 2017 the constitutional court (CC) has recognized not corresponding to the law a provision that allows the CEC to withdraw from the election, the entire list of candidates from the party if she broke the rule of “one district — one candidate” and made several single-seat districts.

The reason for the consideration of the case was the complaint of candidates of the state Duma from party of pensioners of Mikhail Yurevich and Igor Trunova that the CEC in July last year, has refused to certify the list of the party, citing the violation: in three constituencies poliorgannaya put forward two candidates in deputies.

In its decision the constitutional court emphasized that the funds respond to violations during the election campaign need to correlate with their scale. In other words, to eliminate violations is necessary, but this does not mean that the only way out may be a complete denial of certification of the entire list of candidates, he said in court.