The leader of Kiss decided to patent “the goat”

The leader of Kiss decided to patent “the goat”

American musician, frontman of the band Kiss gene Simmons has applied for a patent gesture of “goat”. It is reported by CNN.

According to the artist, he first used the characteristic raspaltsovku (when sticking out only the little finger and forefinger) in 1974, during the tour, Hotter Than Hell.

Simmons made the application with the video tour.

It is noted that this gesture eight years before Kiss tour used John Lennon on the cover of the single Yellow Submarine / Eleanor Rigby The Beatles team.

#Rock #Band 7″ THE #Beatles Yellow Submarine / Eleanor Rigby 1982 UK Re-issue VG+/VG

— The Beatles Store (@TheBeatles1v) 13 Jun 2017

In American sign language, which appeared in 1817, “Cosa” means “I love you”. “Goat” was also a classic gesture of ancient Greek and Roman speakers, this raspaltsovka described in the classical textbook of oratory “the education of the orator” Quintilian Fabia Mark.

According to Wikipedia, specifically the “rock goat” is used as a sign of approval to the contractor.

So, Gene Simmons is trying to trademark the Devil’s Horns? Ronnie Dio in 1980, and Geezer Butler in 1969. Nice Try.

— Black Sabbath Online (@sabbathfans) 14 Jun 2017
Black Sabbath has questioned the primacy of Gene Simmons in this gesture

The band Kiss was formed in 1973. In addition to Simmons, the team members are Paul Stanley, Eric singer and Tommy Thayer. The members of the group during the performances using the characteristic makeup, their faces painted with white paint, over which are drawn various patterns.