The head of the interior Ministry sided with the officers in the incident read Shakespeare as a boy

Vladimir Kolokoltsev

Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev said on the legality of police actions, caught in the Arbat district in Moscow 10-year-old boy who was reading Shakespeare. It is reported by RIA Novosti.

“We have a law, and we worked strictly according to the law. Even the word “detention” is not applicable in this situation, it was the seizure of a ten-year child from a public place”, — he said.

According to Kolokoltseva, the point in the case put the court, which “confirmed the rightness of our employees”.

The Minister stressed that the police would have incurred liability if it had passed, and with the boy something happened.

Informed about the legality of actions of the patrol said the Deputy Minister Igor Zubov. On the incident has been assigned to the check to the police Department Central district and the Metropolitan Chapter of the Investigative Committee.

May 26, near the metro station “Arbat” in Moscow the police took away from the street 10-year-old boy Oscar, who read there of “hamlet” with a bag for donations to the Department for trial. The child was next to him, the stepmother tried to prevent the guards. Video of the incident was posted online and caused a public outcry. Petition to dismiss police on the Internet has gained more than 25 thousand signatures. The information about the incident reached the President of the country.

The stepmother of Oscar and his father drew up administrative reports for non-parental rearing responsibilities (article 5.35 of the administrative code) and disobeying a lawful order detention order (article 19.3 of the administrative code). The boy’s mother wrote a letter with a request to bring his stepmother to justice.