The Governor of Stavropol territory said the question of Putin


RIA Novosti

The Governor of Stavropol Krai Vladimir Vladimirov said that the money from the Federal budget to the region to provide financial assistance to the victims of the floods did not come, reports RNS.

“About the funds listed from the Federal budget money in the Stavropol territory today did not come. And payments that we lead, we lead from the reserve Fund of the government of Stavropol region”, — he said.

Vladimirov added that the family Krasnokumskogo resident district, Stavropol territory, who told President Vladimir Putin about the problem with getting money flood victims received money.

“This family has received cash in full, that is 60 thousand rubles they received. 8-th day they are issued, to date, they have already received,” — he explained.

On Thursday in mass media appeared information that the Governor has resigned with the formulation “for family reasons”.

Stavropol authorities also denied the information on resignation of the Governor Vladimir Vladimirov after harsh criticism of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Governor himself called the reports of his resignation is true.

Earlier, Putin very surprised at the question of the inhabitant of the Stavropol region, which were affected by flooding: she has nowhere to live, repair nothing to do, and the compensation she received.

Putin asked the Governor of Stavropol territory Vladimir Vladimirov. “I want to ask a question to his namesake: Vladimir Vladimirovich, where is the money?” — said Putin.