The English photographer has photographed a cloud shaped Britain

The English photographer has photographed a cloud shaped Britain

A photographer from the English town of Huddersfield Golkar party to be Matt filmed the cloud, which in its form resembles the UK.

Matt then posted the photo on the service BBC Weather Watchers, where users share photos of the weather in their region of the country.

Fotoğrafçı Golcar Matt, Ingiltere’de Büyük Britanya şeklindeki bulutun fotoğraflarını çekti

— BBC Türkçe (@bbcturkce) 16 Jun 2017

Leading bi-Bi-si Alina Jenkins explained that this is a common Cumulus cloud which can take different forms.

According to her, these clouds are formed under the influence of the sun, which warms the air near the earth’s surface. Air rises and cools gradually, condensate appears, which creates a “cotton wool” in the sky.

Social media users compared the picture of a British exit from the EU. “This leak shows how Britain conducts “brakcet,” wrote one user.

This picture completes the series of images of the sky in the UK. Among them, for example, were the clouds, reminiscent of the “Concord” and the image is very rare phenomenon — a lunar rainbow.

Australia also recently became aware of the funny pictures: tourist did on the ocean photo, where the trees resemble the shape of the Australian continent.