The Americans spoke about the unbelief trump the democratic traditions of the USA

The President of the United States Donald trump does not believe and does not respect the democratic traditions of the country. As follows from the joint survey by the Associated Press and NORC research center, the results of which leads to The Independent, so I think 65 percent of Americans.

Among confident in it — almost a third of Americans Republican views, 90 percent of Democrats and 60 percent of people without definite political preferences. One of the evidences that lead people in favor of this assertion — the desire of the President to fire Robert Mueller, appointed to investigate the relations of the Republican campaign with Russia.

“The fact that he dared to even think about that step — more evidence that he wants to keep everything under control. He is not concerned about the procedure, only he” — told pollsters Ron Denmon, a 55-year veteran of the U.S. air force, non-specific party preferences.

On 14 June it became known that the rating of trump reached a negative record of dissatisfaction with his work was expressed by 58 percent of the US population.

In April, a poll conducted by The Washington Post in conjunction with ABC News, showed that after 100 days of the presidency, Donald trump became one of the most unpopular American leaders in the entire history of the United States.