Sources reported the deaths of 70 people in a fire in London

Sources reported the deaths of 70 people in a fire in London

LONDON, June 16 — RIA Novosti, Maria Tobacco. The fire in the London area of North Kensington, allegedly claimed the lives of 70 people, told television channel Sky News, citing close to the investigation sources.


Earlier, emergency services said about 30 of the victims, however, warned that this number may increase.

A fire in a 24-storey social apartment house in a not very prosperous area of London — North Kensington — occurred in the night of Wednesday. It was reported that killed at least 30 people, 24 injured are in hospitals, 12 of them are in critical condition. According to firefighters, about 120 families have been affected by fire. Up to 600 residents evacuated to nearby community centers, mosques and churches. Most of the tenants are immigrants from Africa and the Middle East.

Currently, relatives and friends of the victims involved in demonstrations in the building of the district Council, demanding to give them full information about the investigation and the immediate release of the victims financial assistance.