Scientists have learned to determine for whom the flu can be deadly

Scientists have learned to determine for whom the flu can be deadly

Australian scientists have invented a test that can determine a patient with the flu will develop into smertelnaya complication, such as pneumonia.

This will allow to provide the necessary assistance and prevent deaths, said today on the pages of the European Respiratory Journal, researchers with a stay at the Institute for medical research.

Influenza can kill a healthy person in the Prime of life. No one can say who patients have high risk of pneumonia and who in the end, weretiger Benjamin Congraluation research, an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald

The new test does not require principally new equipment, it requires only one drop of patient’s blood and a few hours on her research. The results are accurate 91%.

The test, called High-risk Influenza Screen Test (HIST), can make life significantly easier during epidemics, when scientists don’t have time to develop life-saving vaccines for new strains of influenza virus.

“The test is suitable for any flu infection, because it works with how the body responds to the virus, rather than by a type of virus,” says Tang. In order to prepare the organism to resist serious infection in the blood patient stands a biomarker gene IF127, it can be seen through HIST.

“The sooner you start treatment, the more chances to survive. Without quality and timely intensive therapy the risk of death is more than 50%,” says Tang. According to the world health organization, every year, seasonal epidemics of influenza claim the lives of 250 to 500 thousand of people around the world.

HIST has already been patented in Australia. In the US, Europe and China a patent is now pending.