Putin: the government will introduce new measures to stimulate the birth rate in Russia


RIA Novosti

The government will introduce a new package of measures to stimulate the birth rate in Russia, said the President of Russia Vladimir Putin the head during a “Straight line”.

“We need a whole set of measures, it may be different: this extension of the parent capital in one form or another, either in the form in which it is now, or somehow modified, we need to think about how to stimulate the birth of the first child among young mothers, may be something they add… need to think how to stimulate the birth of the second and third child more than adult mothers for 30 years and more,” — said Putin.

“Right today we have, frankly, scheduled such a meeting with the government will be discussing. I wouldn’t like it is premature to talk about the set that will be offered, but it will be offered”, — stressed the head of state.

Putin noted that the number of women in fertile age in the country is significantly reduced. In childbearing, the company is now entering the generation of the 90s years, young women from 20 to 29 years is 34% less, and women to 38-39 years old less 25%.

“This huge reduction, just less people who can give birth, we need of course to do something to ensure that we did not get in a big hole”. he said.

Putin noted that the state already has used operating mechanisms. For example, he led the program netcapital, Recalling that more than 7 million families have received the maternity capital, and almost half of them used it.

“We have introduced payments for the third child in regions with a difficult demographic situation. After 37% of the births there increased. Our measures give the result, of course, is a very costly measures, but when we talk about our people, our citizens, the future of the country, we carefully considered, and not, of course, to throw away money, but to be greedy here too it is impossible”, — said Putin.