Putin spoke about the two grandchildren and refused to make them “princes of blood”

Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin during a straight line shared details about his family. The head of state said that, despite rumors, his daughter’s located in Moscow and engaged in science and education. He also added that his children do not climb into politics and live a private life.

“And I have grandchildren. They also live a normal life,” — said the Russian leader, adding that recently for the second time became a grandfather.

Video: vesti.ru

At the same time, he refused to give any details, explaining that he does not want his grandchildren “grow some princes of the blood.” “I want them normal people grew up. For this they need the usual and ordinary communication in children’s groups. If I now say age, name, they will be immediately identified, will not leave them alone. It would be detrimental to the child’s development”, — stated the President. He also urged to treat this position with understanding.

Earlier in June, Putin said in an interview with the American Director Oliver stone about his relationship with his children and grandchildren. He admitted that he is a grandfather, and complained about the lack of time he could devote to communicate with their grandchildren. Speaking of daughters, the President told me that they are married and have nothing to do with politics or big business.