Putin expressed readiness to talk with the opposition

Vladimir Putin

The Russian authorities are ready to communicate with all who are focused on improving people’s lives, including with the opposition. This statement in the direct line was made by President Vladimir Putin on Thursday, June 15.

According to the President, some members of the opposition “use difficulties for their own political PR, only exacerbating them.” In this connection, he drew a parallel with those managing companies in the housing sector that are engaged in a redistribution of cash flows.

“No need to speculate, and to offer solutions”, — said Putin. Such people can count on dialogue with the authorities, he said.

Earlier in an interview with the American Director Oliver stone Putin stressed that opposition forces in Russia should not only fight with the government, but also to develop a more advantageous program for voters.

In 2014 during a press conference the President of Russia outlined what he sees the difference between opposition and fifth column. “The face of the inner, it is difficult to see externally. What is it? Oppositionist, even very hard, in the end, until the end fights for the interests of their country, and the “fifth column” — those people who fulfill what is dictated by the interests of another state, and they are used as a tool to achieve political goals alien to us”, — explained the President.

June 12, on Tverskaya street in Moscow held an unauthorized protest of the opposition, during which they arrested 150 people.