Putin explained the lack of public support for Pro-Russian Ukrainians

Russian President Vladimir Putin during a straight line Thursday, June 15, said that he highly appreciated the position of Pro-Russian Ukrainians, but doesn’t want to hurt them, expressing support.

“Thank you for your position, that cherish our common history. We appreciate it, believe me!” he answered the audience, callers from Kiev who told us about his part in the action “Immortal regiment”.

Putin added that he knows that in Ukraine there live people with different views. However, he stressed that publicly expressing approval, afraid to cause supporters of Russia the damage. “But I always try to appreciate your position on this issue and supported it,” he said.

At the same time, Moscow tries not to interfere in the internal Affairs of Ukraine, said Putin.

On the eve of 9 may, the leader of the banned in Russia “organization of Ukrainian nationalists” Nicholas Kochanowski urged to stop the procession in honor of Victory Day and to carry out the action of “Death regiment”. However, the security Service of Ukraine (SBU) stated that they see no reason to ban the March in Kiev.

The action “Immortal regiment” on may 9 held in the cities of Russia and foreign countries. Participants of the rally dedicated to the Victory Day hold pictures of their relatives who fought against the Nazis in the great Patriotic war.