In Moscow will open the theatre festival

In the suburban estate of Stanislavsky in Lyubimovka will host a festival of provincial theaters. On Friday, June 16, the TV channel “360”.

“Season Of Stanislavsky. Summer festival of provincial theaters” is an overview, which will show you the most interesting, vibrant performances of regional theatres. It will begin its work on June 27 and will last until 7 July.

This year the event will be the St. Petersburg state academic theatre. Lensoveta with the performance “the Dream about autumn”, Kazan academic Russian Bolshoi drama theatre. “”The play “Crazy day or the marriage of Figaro”, the Sevastopol academic Russian drama theatre. Lunacharsky play “#TODAS”.

Performances will be shown on the stage of the Moscow Provincial theatre and manor of Stanislavsky.

Guests can take part in “the Cherry quest”, conceived by the actor Sergei Bezrukov, based on the play Chekhov’s “the Cherry orchard”.

The festival will also be held lectures by well-known figures of theater, such as Yuri Butusov, Eimuntas Nyakroshus, Sergey Bezrukov, Kirill KROK.

June 10 in the Park area of the Museum and exhibition complex “New Jerusalem” for the first time has passed Festival of national sports “Russian world”.