In China there was a drone shop with no sellers

In China there was a drone shop with no sellers

The Swedish company Wheelys started on campus Chepelskogo University of technology (China) beta testing unmanned automatic store. It is reported by MIT Technology Review.

A trading network is often introduced in their stores various solutions that partially automate the process of shopping in big supermarkets, for example, often put self-checkout, where the buyer will “hit” products. This approach reduces staff costs and increases the speed of customer service.

The Swedish company Wheelys in your project Moby has refused to fully staff the store. A pavilion built on a wheeled platform, thanks to which is able to move independently, running through a given area. Auto shop Moby works around the clock, but to go inside and buy the products only clients using the companion app with a linked credit card.

To enter the store, you just need to scan the barcode, located near the front door. Inside the store, the buyer just takes the product off the shelf and scans the barcode through the app, and then the Bank card will be debited the required amount. Shop by sensors in the shelves determines when over an item, and can go to the warehouse for seconds.

In the future Wheelys in conjunction with engineers from Chepelskogo University of technology intend to improve the security system of the store, adding the capability of client recognition for biometric data such as gait. Data will only be used to control the movement of the user in the pavilion and will be deleted after the purchaser left the store. After the introduction of a biometric system developers plan to open a store for the General public — at the moment the project is in the beta stage.

Nikolai Vorontsov