From the chair you can see everything. As “inconvenient questions,” Vladimir Putin went on air

From the chair you can see everything. As “inconvenient questions,” Vladimir Putin went on air

The President noted the uncomfortable questions. During a conversation, Vladimir Putin and the people live on the scoreboard in the Studio were shown an SMS from the viewers.

Many were openly acute, however, were not announced, and only at the end of the broadcast, the host asked the head of state two questions sent. At the same time during the previous “Straight lines” with the Russians the questions strictly moderated and such interaction was not. Alexei Sokolov understood, as evidenced by the fact of the appearance in the air of “uncomfortable questions”.

“Maybe you’re tired and you need rest?”, “All Russia believes that you sat on the throne”, “it is True that Navalny now about your film shoots?” — it is difficult to imagine such phrases sounding, or at least flashing near Vladimir Putin. Rather, it was hard to imagine.

15th straight line, jubilee and the last before elections in 2018, will be remembered, most likely, it is this — during the four-hour broadcast on the screen in the Studio flashed these and many other sharp, unpleasant and uncomfortable questions. Two of them were even voiced.

Each such “Straight line” is carefully orchestrated, and all deviations from the plan are also available. As Dovlatov: “You have requested to be wanting”. That is why the theory of negligence is excluded.

“The question about Stavropol Krai, podtoplentsam assistance — Vladimir Putin immediately sent to the General Prosecutor’s office, have reported that Vladimirov, the Governor of the region, wrote the application on dismissal — that this was a nicely drawn issue. Separately for opposition questions so nicely played. So this is just a demonstration that the protest see protest react, but react from the point of view of state interests”, — says Vice-President of Russian Association of political consultants Tatyana Lushnikova.

From Vladimir Putin and “Straight line” waiting for signs on several fronts: whether the President react to the protest movement, I note that the electoral grown youth, which the police have to catch Tver, announces whether Putin to participate in elections next year. And the protests mentioned, and the young people even asked questions, and also quite sharp.

For example, Daniel Prilep from Nefteyugansk asked about the fight against corruption and noted that flashy landing under house arrest undermined the credibility of the government. The President does not believe that the young man had prepared a question myself, what the student answered that question in his “life prepared”.

But the intrigue surrounding the elections has been preserved. However, as the head of the Political expert group Konstantin Kalachev, some signals still could be: “Putin is still the President of the majority, but to show the minority that it too, can Express their opinion, that the country has some kind of atmosphere of freedom, which is manifested, in particular, and in the appearance of unpleasant for Putin SMS on the screen during the “Direct line” is part of the overall drama.

It seems to me that it was not the task of speeding up the public optimism, the task was to show that the President still adequate. If you look at the election of the concept, it means that the rate will be made on the image — not the image of the future of the country, and the image of the President.”

By the way, the questions asked and Vladimir Putin himself. The President after the question mothers of the Stavropol region, which still isn’t state aid as a victim of the floods, asked the Governor and his namesake: “Vladimir Vladimirovich, where is the money?”.

Not asked to the President uncomfortable questions scattered not only on social networks, but news blocks of Federal channels.

Recording Direct line with Vladimir Putin

At the end of “Straight line” press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov confirmed that during the broadcast of Vladimir Putin sees all of the questions on the screen. And constructive criticism is taken into consideration and subsequently worked.

“The Studio is arranged in such a way that Putin, who sits and says, can not see the questions that pop up on the big screens. That is, he sees them. In addition, of course, all acute treatment, criticism, attacks on the President we have in a separate folder and collected the day before the President pass that he was aware of. Many are of an emotional nature and does not imply a response. Have any complaints of critical nature, the noun — here we are trying to find some answers, and if there is indeed something serious, the problem in the list of those to be many on the trail “Straight line”,” — said Dmitry Peskov.