“To speculate is necessary, and propose a solution”: quotes from Direct line

“To speculate is necessary, and propose a solution”: quotes from Direct line

Russian President Vladimir Putin during dialogue with Russians has answered nearly 70 questions.

Vladimir Putin for the 15th time, took part in a “straight line”. Communication with the Russians lasted three hours and 56 minutes, during which the head of state answered nearly 70 questions. As in previous years, citizens were mostly interested in the social and economic problems. Also addressed international issues — in particular, the President spoke about the relations of Russia, Ukraine and the United States.

About the economic crisis

“The recession in the Russian economy is overcome,” Putin said, adding that rising investment, growth of sales of cars and real estate.

According to the President, about the end of recession is evidenced by the following facts:

three consecutive quarter of modest GDP growth (4 months — plus 0.7%), the growth of investment in fixed assets (2.3 percent) and the growth of non-oil exports by 19%.

He also noted that Russia is now a record low inflation of 4.1%.

In addition, the President noted that positive developments in the economy influenced the social sphere: the infant mortality rate decreased by 3%, and the average life expectancy is 72 years.

On anti-Russian sanctions

Sanctions — evidence of continuing internal political struggle. It would not be the Crimea, would come up with something else to deter Russia.Vladimir Putin

Sanctions on us affected, but not dramatically. We are more influenced by world market and reduction of prices on oil, gas, etc. In the UN believe that the sanctions we lost $50-52 billion, and the countries that imposed sanctions, 100 billion,” — said Putin.

Putin also said that sanctions have their pros. “We were forced to include the brains, the talents, and not only to use oil and gazodollary. Better steel in difficult areas such as electronics, missile oblast, pharmaceuticals, heavy engineering. Agricultural growth amounted to 3%. Russia became the leader in the export of wheat. Reduced purchases of pork by poultry meat. Looking for markets,” said the President, adding that now the authorities agreed with China about the opening of the market for Russian pork and poultry meat.

On the level of wages

Putin said that the average salary of teachers in the Irkutsk region now stands at 30 thousand rubles. In practice, however, the salary depends on incentive payments and other indicators determined by the school itself.

It is clear that a young professional needs to a little less than experienced teachers, but it is unclear why two to three times less. This difference should not be, and local authorities would vnimaniem Putin

“We have reduced real incomes in the last few years. It is particularly alarming that the number of people living below the poverty line who receive income below the subsistence minimum”, — said the head of state. — “In recent years, a number of these people grew to 13.5%. It would seem, is not so much, but for these percentages tens and hundreds of thousands of people their fate.”

The effectiveness of heads of regions

Putin spoke about the reasons for the appointment of new governors. According to him, someone from the heads of regions came up, someone raised the question, “we felt that people already want change”.

He noted that voters are choosing governors give the Director advance, those, in turn, “must cope with the burden of responsibility”. “To cope or not cope? Should handle, they have to do everything, despite the fact that they, as a rule, people are quite young, however, they have extensive experience in public work and life experience,” — said Putin.

About the relations of Russia and Ukraine

In response to a question of the inhabitant of Ukraine, why is Russia all Ukrainians “are supporters of Bandera and Shukhevych”, Putin replied: “We don’t smear one color”. He also said that Russia does not want public support to the detriment of Ukrainians are Pro-Russian views and tries not to interfere in the internal processes in Ukraine.

In addition, the Russian President commented on the words Poroshenko, quoted lines from Lermontov’s poem “farewell, unwashed Russia”. “Peter knows Russian literature, for it will praise,” said the President of Russia. He also noted that talked about the regions that are now considered Ukrainian. “So the nose is nothing special to turn up, — said Putin.

“Perhaps this quote Peter wanted to show voters that fulfills the promise, making the so-called civilizational choice, leads the country in Europe. By the way, blue uniforms there more than we do. He relaxed, as if something had happened. Looks around,” joked the head of Russia, commenting on the prospects of Ukraine’s integration with the EU and adding that against the “blue uniforms we have nothing”. “The Council and love you. Good luck with the recruits,” — Putin joked.

If someone wants to be European, then let their accounts in offshore first close, and then speaks about the welfare of narodovlastie Putin

About relations with the United States

“We do not believe that America is their enemy. We joined forces in two world wars. We see developing in the United States Russophobia. It is the result of an internal war”, — said Putin.

“To begin to exchange barbs with the administration of the tramp — the worst way, otherwise we did not agree about. We must work together to fight poverty in the world. This is one of the sources of radicalism. Together with the United States worked to resolve the Iranian nuclear issue. The former property directly recognize our significant role in this problem. It is obvious that no joint constructive work it will not work. We hope the US role in resolving issues in Western Ukraine that’s constructive role,” Putin said.

“Ex-FBI Director James Comey believes that Russia’s interference in the election process, — said Putin, noting that the Americans themselves and defend their interests around the world. — Constant American propaganda, and is allocated to direct money. This does not impact on our minds? Spin the globe, tyknite finger at any place. Everywhere American intervention. We have our own opinion and we expressed it openly”.

About the program “far Eastern hectare”

According to the President, from 92 thousand applications for “far East one hectare” 27 thousand were satisfied. Putin noted that unused land in Russia, more than 43 million hectares. And before you expand the program, it is necessary, according to the President, “to deal with the Far East”, to deal with inventory, to develop a legislative framework that “did not originate secondary market”.

Live Vladivostok residents complained to the head of the state bureaucracy and complexity in the design of the far Eastern hectare and noted that 100 years ago in the era of Stolypin, when the peasants migrated EN masse to the East, had no such problems. “Stolypin about you, of course, a place to remember, — said the President. — Just keep in mind that there was also a “Stolypin wagons”, which were forcibly placed people. And was the so-called “Stolypin’s necktie”. It would be nothing more than the gallows. But really, we should not forget all the positive that was done Stolypin for our country”, — said the President.

But we have no death penalty, as you know. Although, sometimes… Well, you know what I have to Widowmaker Putin

About my personal life

“My children, daughters, in spite of all the rumors, they live here, in Russia, in Moscow. And I have grandchildren, they too live a normal life. My daughter doing science education. Will not climb in any policy, live a normal life,” he said.

“I don’t want to grow up “princes of blood”. I want them to grow up as normal people. They have plain, ordinary communication. Should I now say age, name — will not leave them alone. I ask to understand me correctly and to treat with understanding to this position,” — said Putin and added that not so long ago, his second grandson was born.

Status of Russian business

According to the head of the state, the availability of loans for small and medium business — one of the key issues. Putin said that the Central Bank will continue to carefully reduce the key rate.

The bet level corresponds to the level of economicevaluation Putin

According to Putin, the rise in the key rate was associated with sharply rising inflation. “But the Central Bank reduces, and then reduce the rate and commercial banks, — said the President. — The Bank of Russia focuses on the situation in the economy, the national currency, and it is very dependent on oil prices.

On the Arctic program

Putin said that Russia intends to maintain its sovereignty over the Arctic territories, as well as to increase safety in the region. “Let’s not forget about the purely military side of things: from the point of view of the country’s defense is an extremely important region,” he said.

“I do not want to escalate, but experts know that the American nuclear submarines are in the North of Norway. Flight time of missiles — 15 minutes to Moscow. We need to understand what is happening there, to see what is happening there. We must protect ourselves accordingly,” said the head of state.

On the transfer of St. Isaac’s Cathedral

“St. Isaac’s Cathedral, the Church really never belonged, he was listed with the state. But it was built as a temple, as a Church, not a Museum. In Soviet times it became a Museum of atheism, a slight mockery of the religious feelings of people, Putin said. The Museum function should be maintained. But no need to speculate on this topic or use it as a tool of petty political intrigues”.

On the Kerch bridge

“Kerch bridge is built in accordance with the schedule, even a little ahead. But now there is no doubt that all the plans are realized in time and with proper quality. But driveways — private, hot topic”.

Putin also noted that the bridge to Sakhalin will also be built. “Such ideas was still under Stalin. We are currently reviving these plans. It would be very helpful to restore the territorial integrity of the country. It would be possible to organize the movement of goods from Asia to Europe, to increase the value of the TRANS-Siberian railway. In General, the cost according to preliminary estimates should be even lower than the Crimean bridge, is about 286 billion. There was also an idea to not build the bridge and the tunnel,” said the President.

On renovation of housing

It is important that citizens ‘ rights were not violated during the implementation of the program. “It was smooth on paper, but they forgot about the ravines”. The Moscow government has told me everything that all the houses will be built within walking distance. But we all know what happens to deliever Putin

“We are talking about housing in Moscow, which in 10-15 years will become an emergency shelter. Moscow will be in as much trouble as other regions. If time does not solve the problem, then people really start to suffer. There are houses, the majority of residents do not want to participate in the program. If you don’t want to drag them forcibly to the program impossible. We must respect the opinion of the majority.”

“You know how much emergency housing? 2% of the total housing stock. Moscow the program makes from its budget. Will spend 100 billion rubles a year”, — said the President.

The attitude of the opposition

“I’m ready to talk to anyone who aims to improve the lives of people aimed at solving the country’s problems, rather than using the existing difficulties for their own political PR. Uses difficulties for our own promotion to get hold of them. The opposition speculates on the problems. Not to speculate, and offer a solution. Such people have the right to dialogue with the authorities”.

On corruption

“It’s not in house arrest and not even planting. The fact that no offence has not remained without attention of the state and without punishment. As for house arrests and sentences, the matter shall be decided by the court. The most recent example is the sentence against the former head of the Federal penitentiary service. He violated the law, and the court sentenced him to eight years in prison. Let’s rely on the work of the judicial system. Another instance that defines the level of punishment does not exist.

Of the importance of history

12-year-old girl from the city of Solnechnogorsk, Putin asked where he’d go if he had a time machine. “It is better not to touch anything. There will be something that should be, but with unknown consequences. But I would like to see how our country was built. How to build Petersburg, as our grandfathers won the great Patriotic war. Both made fateful decisions in the history of Russia. We have a time machine. This subject is called history. It is necessary to study and evaluate it, then it will be clear how to proceed to build the future. And the future is built today”.