The militants seized the Tora Bora caves in Afghanistan

Militants “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia) took cave complex of Tora Bora in Afghanistan. About it reports Reuters, citing Afghan security forces.

“The area around Tora Bora was formerly a stronghold of the Taliban, but now they are captured after fighting the militants, — said the head of the local police in Shah Wali. They needed a new tower and now they get it.”

This information was confirmed by the commander of the ISIS in Afghanistan, Abu Omar Khorasani: according to him, the militants seized the cave and are now fighting with government forces, supported by American special forces and U.S. air force. “We entered Tora Bora, but the end is not yet. We plan to take control of new territory, having beaten them at the Kabul troops and the Taliban” — he explained.

The official representative of the “Taliban” Zabiulla Mujahid denied this information. He said that although the IG units as a result of the managed to occupy several villages in the vicinity, the complex is still in the hands of the Taliban.

The Afghan army a few days ago, the beginning of another attack on the positions of militants, but significant results military to achieve so far failed. The Kabul authorities explain this by the fact that the Islamists continuously replenish their units, transferring forces across the Pakistan border and recruiting recruits on the spot.

Fortified Tora Bora — a complex of caves in remote mountains in Eastern Afghanistan in Nangarhar province. Is a maze of tunnels with a length of 25 kilometers, extending to a depth of 400 metres. Includes accommodations, bunkers, shelters, and ammunition depots. During the war 1979-89 years served as a stronghold for the Afghan Mujahideen, was thrice captured by Soviet troops. In 1996 came under the control of the Taliban, was captured by the Americans and their allies in 2001.