The majority of Scots voted against the new referendum on independence

About 60 per cent of Scots oppose a new referendum on independence. This is according to the poll published by The Daily Record Thursday, June 15.

According to the publication, a third of those who in 2014 voted for the secession of Scotland from the UK, speak now against the new plebiscite. There is also a reduction in the number of supporters of independence: if three years ago the Department voted to 44.7 percent, now it is ready to make 43 percent.

More than a third of respondents believe that the first Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon, is actively campaigning for a referendum must resign.

The Scottish national party (SNP), headed by the Sturgeon, was defeated in the elections to the British Parliament June 8, 2017, losing 21 seats out of 56. The survey findings suggest this was partly due to the fact that the nationalists too fascinated by the idea of a new referendum on independence instead of having to pay attention to the management of the region. Sturgeon described the results of the vote a serious blow and has announced that temporarily suspend preparations for the plebiscite.