The Federation Council will create a Commission for the protection of the sovereignty of Russia


RIA Novosti

The Federation Council at session on Wednesday will consider a question on creation of the Commission for the protection of the sovereignty and prevent interference in Russia’s internal Affairs.

The international Committee of the Federation Council at the meeting on Tuesday suggested for the post of head of the Commission for the candidacy of Deputy head of the Committee Andrey Klimov.

The duties of the Commission will include the collection, analysis and synthesis of information on the status of legislation and law enforcement practice in the sphere of prevention of interference in the internal Affairs of Russia.

The senators will discuss the feasibility of establishing a national interagency center for monitoring and combating external threats to Russia and to expose contemporary practices of intervention in the domestic Affairs of sovereign States.

The jurisdiction of the Commission will also be preparing proposals to improve legislation to monitor and prevent the activities of foreign States, interstate associations and international organizations aimed at interference in the political, economic, cultural and humanitarian activities in the Russian Federation.

Senators will monitor the development of international law in the field of ensuring and protecting state sovereignty, the preparation of proposals for its improvement.