The communication Vladimir Putin with the Russians live

The communication Vladimir Putin with the Russians live

Traditional TV “direct line” appeared during the first presidential term of Vladimir Putin. The first took place on 24 December 2001, the fourteenth was held on 14 April 2016.

At the same time with airtime on ORT and RTR were receiving live broadcast on radio Mayak. Then Vladimir Putin received 400 thousand questions. Despite the fact that the broadcast lasted for about 2.5 hours, an hour longer than expected time to reply managed only 46 questions. Then the President promised the Russians that will continue to answer their questions live.

For the second time on the questions of the citizens, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on 19 December 2002, live “First channel”, TV channel “Russia”, radio stations “Mayak” and “Radio of Russia”.

“Straight line” with Russian President lasted 2 hours and 35 minutes. Putin said in a direct teleair 51 question.

In the information processing Center has received 1 million 422 thousand calls. In contrast to the “Straight line” of 2001, there were some innovations: in 2001, largely out of contact with the major cities of the country, in 2002, when there were six regional centres and two villages and two small towns. Questions you can ask live. The vast majority of the questions concerned social subjects, in particular, level and payments of wages, pensions, high tariffs for communal services.

About a fifth of the questions from citizens of Russia, asked President Vladimir Putin in the framework of the “straight line”, was associated with quality of life. Of these, at least half dealt with housing. The majority of subscribers, as in 2001, was retired.

On 18 December 2003 held the third “direct line” with President of Russia.

The fellowship lasted 2 hours and 50 minutes, the President answered 68 questions. Total received 1 million 553 thousand calls. Traditionally dominated by questions of Russians, those who mourn are on a low income, about 80% of all questions were related to delays in payment of wages to workers of budgetary sphere. The citizens complained about bad housing, no running water, low pensions and social benefits. During this live broadcast Vladimir Putin first announced his intention to stand in presidents of Russia for a second term.

In 2004, the President took a break in the conversations with citizens, instead of “straight line” was organized large-scale press conference of Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin.

On 27 September 2005, hosted the fourth “straight line”.

At first the questions could ask not only on a specially designed site or over the phone, but also via sms. All the President did then more than 1 million questions: more than 1 million calls, more than 100 thousand sms messages. 2 hours 53 minutes the President answered 60 questions, of which 14 were chosen. As in previous years, most of the questions concerned economic issues and the social sphere. The vast majority of complaints concerning the internal policy of Russia, only six international issues, only one question was of a personal nature.

25 Oct 2006 Vladimir Putin for the fifth time answered questions in a live television and radio.

Stream “the Direct line with President of Russia” lasted 2 hours and 54 minutes. During this time, the President answered more than 50 questions raised during the direct inclusions from different parts of the country, by phone, and received on the website “Straight line”. Most of them — 41 — concerning the internal Affairs of Russia, international issues worried about the nine who applied, two questions were personal. Only the head of state received more than 2 million 300 thousand questions, of which about 2 million 200 thousand were set over the phone, and 100 thousand — through the Internet. During the broadcast opened the channel of receiving sms messages.

October 18, 2007 was held the sixth “direct line with President of Russia Vladimir Putin”.

The broadcast was organized by channels “Vesti”, “Russia” and the First. It was a record at that time as duration and number of questions. 3 hours 5 minutes and 40 seconds of talking to people, the President answered 72 questions from over 2.5 million submitted.

As in previous years, Russian citizens were mostly concerned with social problems connected with increase of salaries and pensions, social support for pregnant women and young mothers, housing construction, the rise in price of many types of products. Eight questions had on the economy, international and domestic policy. The President responded to four personal questions, three about the Olympics, three — about the army, and two about football.

“A straight line” was attended by 67 cities of Russia and abroad, with live out 12 of them, some two or three times. Just received 2 million 276 thousand 931 call.

4 Dec 2008 Vladimir Putin held its seventh “straight line” with Russians.

The first time he answered questions as Prime Minister and the leader of “United Russia”. A special program “Conversation with Vladimir Putin” began in the 12 hours live stream TV channels “Russia”, “Vesti” and lasted 3 hours 8 minutes, which is three minutes longer than in 2007. Vladimir Putin answered 80 questions received via phone, sms, Internet as well as from the Russian regions. Total received 1 million 636 thousand 800 calls, 642 thousand sms-messages. The bulk of the questions concerned the effects of the global financial crisis, rising petrol prices, pensions, social benefits, systems of payment of state employees. Was also interested in citizens ‘ maternal capital and mortgages for young families.

3 Dec 2009 the Prime Minister of Russia Vladimir Putin held the eighth “straight line” with Russian citizens.

The program was called “a Conversation with Vladimir Putin. The sequel”. Live TV channels “Russia”, “Vesti”, radio stations “Mayak” and “Radio of Russia” Vladimir Putin answered questions from citizens. The dialogue lasted 4 hours and 2 minutes. The Prime Minister answered more than 80 questions. All received more than 2 million questions — phone calls, sms messages and emails to the email address

The leitmotif of the “direct line-2009” was to support the industry: dealing with collectives of the enterprises, where the Prime Minister has already visited, he announced specific measures to help and promised, if necessary, to visit problem areas. The Prime Minister has paid attention and macroeconomics. He sounded sad indicators of GDP and industrial production in 2009, but expressed hope for “light at the end of the tunnel” in 2010.

16 Dec 2010 special program “Conversation with Vladimir Putin. Continued” were aired by TV channels “Russia 1” “Russia 24”, radio stations “Mayak”, “Vesti FM” and “Radio of Russia”.

She was the ninth in a row and broke the record of communication with the Russians live in 2009 at 24 minutes, making 4 hours 26 minutes. The head of the government had to answer 90 questions, of which he chose 31.

Most of the questions to the Prime Minister related to the social-economic themes, as well as eliminate the effects of the worst natural fires that occurred this summer. The Prime Minister also inquired about the preparations for the 2014 Olympics in Sochi and the football world Cup in 2018. One of the questions was, did the Prime Minister give orders for the destruction of the traitors.

The Prime Minister has received over two million questions, half the questions were asked via sms, 1 million 400 thousand questions were received by phone, for all other cases obtained through the site.

December 15, 2011 Vladimir Putin has once again answered live on air questions of Russians.

For 4.5 hours listened to him for almost 40% of the television audience. The tenth anniversary of “straight line” started at 12.00 GMT and ended at 16.32 MSK.

During the program “Conversation with Vladimir Putin. The sequel to” the Prime Minister managed to answer 88 questions, 25 of which were focused on the results of the parliamentary elections and upcoming presidential elections, Russian parties, Putin’s political plans, personnel issues, and other.

According to the leading “straight line”, from 1 million 882 thousand calls and sms messages received by the special organized call-center-15.30 GMT, most Russians are worried about the problems with social services and social protection, on the second place in popularity — the housing, and the third on labor and wages. Putin was also asked personal questions: what he wants, where he will celebrate the New year, in what for him is happiness, and what traits in himself considers negative.

In 2012, the “straight line” with the President was conducted, however, the Kremlin has stated that it is not going to abandon that format. In future, it will be in the warmer time of the year.

On 25 April 2013 took place the traditional “Direct line with Vladimir Putin”.

It was broadcasted by the TV channels “First”, “Russia 1” “Russia 24”, radio stations “Mayak”, “Vesti FM” and “Radio of Russia”. Putin once again broke its record for the duration of the “straight line”, which this time lasted 4 hours and 47 minutes. During this time the President managed to answer 85 questions, including a 24 blitz question, 8 of which Putin selected himself, while others were asked leading. Leading raised questions coming in online and by sms. In addition, in 2013 the President received a record number of citizens. As reported in the call center, as of 16: 00 GMT the number is approaching 3 million. Traditionally, the attention of the citizens was concentrated on social issues. In the air there were complaints of unreasonably high utility bills and low wages.

On 17 April 2014 Russian President Vladimir Putin held a traditional annual communication with the Russians within “direct line”.

For the first time it was attended by the inhabitants of the new Russian region — Crimea. Communication of the President with the Russians in this format has become the twelfth and the second during this presidential term, Putin. A special program “Direct line with Vladimir Putin” was broadcast live by TV channels “First”, “Russia 1” “Russia 24”, radio stations “Mayak”, “Vesti FM” and “Radio of Russia”.

In 2014, the “Straight line” with Vladimir Putin lasted 3 hours and 55 minutes. During this time the head of state managed to answer 81 question, of which 35 concerned the Crimea and Ukraine. During the “straight line” there were four broadcasts from the Russian regions, another inclusion was held from the Studio in Berlin, which brought together international experts of the discussion club “Valdai”. The four questions asked by the residents of Sevastopol. Your video question to President sent the ex-employee U.S. intelligence Edward Snowden.

April 16, 2015 the President of Russia Vladimir Putin for the thirteenth time, talked to the Russians in a live broadcast “First channel”, TV channel “Russia 1” “Russia 24”, radio stations “Mayak”, “Vesti FM” and “Radio of Russia”.

In the “straight line” has received 2 million 486 thousand calls, of which more than 1.7 million calls and more than 400 thousand sms. “Direct line” lasted 3 hours and 57 minutes. During the “straight line”, was held on the inclusion of the six Russian regions. The head of state had to answer 74 questions.

Issues related to sanctions and counter-sanctions, the situation in Ukraine, the investigation of the murder of opposition leader Boris Nemtsov, as well as internal subject — loans, mortgages, civil service.

14 April 2016 took another “straight line” with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The broadcast led TV channels “First”, “Russia 1” “Russia 24”, radio stations “Mayak”, “Vesti FM” and “Radio of Russia”. All the President received 2.5 million questions. “Direct line” lasted 3 hours and 40 minutes. During this time the head of state had to answer 80 questions. The main emphasis during communication with the President was made on political and economic issues. Questions to the head of state referred to such topics as the current state of the economy, rising prices for food and medicines, inflation, wage arrears and cuts in social institutions. The Russians are also actively interested in international issues: during the “direct line” was affected in practically all the key foreign policy issues and the most pressing issues on the international agenda. Putin answered questions on the situation in Syria, the settlement in the Donbass and Nagorno Karabakh, U.S.-Russian relations and the Ukraine. During the “straight line”, was held on inclusion of the Crimea, Sakhalin, Voronezh region, Tomsk and Tula.

Twice Vladimir Putin spoke with people using the Internet.

6 March 2001, it had an online conference for users of the site BBC News, “” and “”. Internet users sent a total of more than 20 thousand questions, but during the time of the interview, the President managed to answer only two dozen of them — the most characteristic and interesting from the point of view of the organizers of the project. Questions of the Internet audience dealt with a wide spectrum of topics: domestic policy, freedom of speech in Russia, the prospects for economic reform and democracy, missile defense, relations with the United States and United Europe. Interested readers are also questions of a personal nature — in particular, about family, sports, Hobbies, cultural preferences, Vladimir Putin and about his own relationship to the Internet.

July 6, 2006 was held the second online conference of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. Support in carrying out the Internet-conferences has provided broadcasting Corporation Bi-bi-si, as well as the Russian search portal Yandex. Total received more than 162 thousand questions from Russian and foreign users. 1 million 250 thousand people voted for the earlier questions. During the Internet-conference of Vladimir Putin for two hours nine minutes gave answers to 49 questions from users of global computer network. Most of them concerned the internal problems of Russia and international Affairs.