Stavropol authorities paid compensation to the resident complained to Putin

Stavropol authorities paid compensation to the resident complained to Putin

The Ministry of labour and social protection of population of the Stavropol territory, RBC reported that all required payments to the resident of the village of Krasnokumskoye Valentina Sakowski-Nekrasova was transferred to her account.

On Thursday during a “Straight line” with Russian President woman has complained to Vladimir Putin that suffered from the floods, the villagers have not received the required compensation.

“The lists of victims to us delivers the MOE and district administration, and the lists still do almost every day. And immediately we begin payments. This is a huge work, and failures happen. By the way, at the time when the question was asked [Putin — RBC], the money has already been received”, — told RBC employee of the regional Ministry.

Valentina Sakowska-Nekrasov told RBC that after her statements during the “Straight line” to home “was approached by a man in a bright shirt and shouted “Money in the account, check balance.”

I haven’t checked, since I have a savings book. But this morning I checked the “savings Bank” — no money. Now approached our administration. I hope that the rest will be support — I asked for the whole village.Valentine Sakowska-Nekrasovskaya village Krasnokumskoye

In village administration Krasnokumskoye RBC confirmed that the leadership of the village “passed” from Sakowski-Nekrasova statement on payment of 10 thousand rubles for each family member. “The head of the [village administration] went to the scene”, — told RBC employee of the administration Elena Tymoshenko.

The Deputy of the Stavropol regional Duma Arthur Nasonov told RBC that the delay in payment of compensation to victims Stavropol explains the procedural aspects.

It’s a whole procedure. It takes time. The money is allocated by the Federation, and they can not just take and give. Money is definitely not stolen.Arthur Nanowatt of the Stavropol regional Duma

After treatment Sokovsky Vladimir Putin has demanded from the Governor of Stavropol Krai to reply, which was sent money for payments to victims of the flood residents. “The Federation is their money to support affected families transferred to Stavropol Krai. I want to ask questions of your double namesake — the Governor of Stavropol territory Vladimir Vladimirovich [Vladimirov] — where’s the money?” — said Putin. The President also asked the Prosecutor General to address this issue.

In may 2017 in the Stavropol territory the flood affected two settlements, all was flooded territory on the area of about 50 hectares. because of the flooding was temporarily interrupted traffic on the Federal highway “Caucasus”.